Ivan Law is a Hip Hop Producer, Rapper. Beat maker

Ivan Law is a Hip Hop Producer, Rapper. Beat maker
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Dear Mr. or Ms. Editor or Agent,

Stories shape how people view and understand the world around them, and we often form
convictions from what we hear in the news and on the street. HollyHood is the greatest story of this
generation the investigation into the assassinations of hip-hop OGs Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.

A man of God, I braved a dangerous world to get answers and justice for Christopher Wallace,
Tupac Shakur, and hip-hop fans worldwide, all while sacrificing my ministry, music, and marriage to
expose the corruption and treachery in late 80s hip-hop.

HOLLYHOOD is a _24607______-word memoir that calls on gospel to elucidate the conspiracy to
cover up the assassinations of two of hip-hip’s most influential artists. I have included a synopsis,
outline, and the first pages of the manuscript. The press release by Issue Wire was published across
major network platforms, and my story was published on Vocal Media and has over 7,000 readers.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


Ivan Law


Ivan Law loved the lord and loved to create music. Receiving the blessing of becoming the pastor of one
of the oldest churches and amazing choirs in Los Angeles Travelers Rest Missionary Baptist Church
Ivan began his journey of ministering for the lord and communities heavily affected by the crack
epidemic of the 1980s.

The music would bring Ivan back to his musical roots, but before long, the outside world would
penetrate Ivan’s haven, and his compositions would be pirated by some of hip-hop’s biggest names and
game-changers. Despite the constant assaults against his spirit, Ivan held strong and resolved to stay
alive and expose the dastardly deeds done to those loved by hip-hop fans worldwide.

Waging war against Ivan’s dedication and talent, Dr. Dre would stop at literally nothing not even
murder to protect his rise to stardom in one of the most coveted genres of music in the world. Using
blatant evidence, common sense, and experience, Ivan overcomes homelessness and solves the
supposedly unsolvable murders of Easy-E, Tupac Shakur, and Biggie Smalls.




In 1997, Ivan Law received the blessing of becoming the pastor of one of the oldest churches with the
best choirs in Los Angeles Travelers Rest Missionary Baptist Church. The music would bring Ivan back
to his musical roots, but not before his compositions were stolen in 2000, he penned his track Purple
and Gold and subsequently experienced the blackball infamous to hip-hop before his departure from
the church. HollyHood had officially waged war against Ivan Law.

CHAPTER TWO: Forgotten Talent & Creation of the West Coast sound

The year was 1986, and Ivan used his auto mechanic’s paycheck to invest in a microphone, drum
machine, and mixer he was also the owner of one of the music industry’s most prized bass guitars.
Keeping it funky and making moves with his bandmates from Harmony MBC’s choir, Ivan created what
we know as the West Coast sound, using the film blockbusters of the time as inspiration.

CHAPTER THREE: Call to the Ministry

Escaping the US crack epidemic of the 1980s, Ivan faced the sorrows and pressures of ministering to an
impoverished and drug-ravaged congregation to become one of the greatest preachers to grace the
pulpit of the Harmony MBC.

CHAPTER FOUR: The Call from the Music Industry

A meeting at Macola Records led to the pirating of Ivan’s demo which led to the creation of the West
Coast sound prevalent throughout hip-hop by the supposedly great Dr. Dre, who has no real talent of
his own.


Ivan reveals through his blog posts that Dr. Dre’s whole career is plagiarized and that he would kill to
protect it he’s responsible for the deaths of Eazy-E, Biggie Smalls, and Tupac, who had yet to achieve
their later stardom in the hip-hop game. Ivan presents his Lifetime Achievement application and
establishes a timeline for the murders, starting with the CEO of Ruthless Records and Eazy-E.

CHAPTER SIX: The Grammy Award


With his ministry and marriage all but obliterated, Ivan received an application for a Lifetime
Achievement award. Before long, these disastrous events came to a head, and Ivan only had God to
sustain him.


Once home to the rich and famous, McArthur Park was now a run-down neighborhood with one of the
highest crime rates in Los Angeles. Ivan found himself here and displaced, staying in a rat-infested motel
while trying to make it as a telemarketer while being threatened by a younger co-worker, John. Ivan
overcame his bully and gained commissions by creating a pseudonym John Hammer.

CHAPTER EIGHT: The Acquittal

Will detail a true and Accurate account of Ivan’s encounter with a professional hit man, with a nature so
violent he was on the lamb for setting his wife on fire. Ivan was falsely imprisoned for a period of two
years. By Rampart the same prescient involved in the murders of Hip hops biggest icons.


Will detail how Ivan was able to convince law enforcement Detective Dupree lead detective to interview
DR Dre as a potential suspect in the murders of Hip hops greatest Icons. Hollywood was begging them to
close the case. However, God gave Ivan grace to stop the closer of the case. and soon we will have
justice for Tupac and Biggie.

CHAPTER TEN: The Best and the Brightest

Ivan details the biographies of the East Coast OGs, Tupac Shakur, born Lesane Parish Crooks, and Biggie
Smalls aka Notorious B.I.G., born Christopher Wallace.


NWA was formed when Dr. Dre left Worldwide Wrecking Crew to join Eazy-E and Ice Cube, touring,
releasing a few hits, and being the reason hip-hop was banned from the radio. Macola Records
distributed NWA’s music, and this is how Ivan’s sound was stolen and appropriated.


Will detail a full an accurate account of Ivan life as a businessman on crenshaw. Where he became Sock
man from 1992 until God called him to focus on nothing but solving the case of two of Hip Hop biggest

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Ivan Law is a pastor and a musician based in the United States. He currently works at one of the oldest churches in Los Angeles – Travelers Rest Missionary Baptist Church. Law is best known for his book The Holly hood Cover Up, which explores his ideas on the murders and controversies circling the popular 90’s artists such as Tupac, and Bigge. Apart from that, Law also runs a blog where he shares his journey of becoming God’s pupil and how his contributions to the hip-hop music industry. He was formerly served as Pastor at Travelers Rest Missionary Baptist Church.

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