Greg Kading Murder rap: the great Hoax, Lie, and Cover-up Tupac and Biggie story in the History of Law enforcement. Holly hood,

Born: 1963 (age 59 years), Toronto, Canada

Movies: Murder Rap: Inside the Biggie and Tupac MurdersBiggie: The Life of Notorious B.I.G.Murder Rap

Books: Murder Rap

Nationality: American

Department: Orange County Sheriff's DepartmentLos Angeles Police Department


Greg Kading writes the greatest hoax lie that has ever come out of an investigator's mouth. The question is should Greg Kading Be arrested for Deliberately trying to close the Tupac and biggie cases based on lies?

Greg Kading was kicked off the Biggie Task force/ Greg Kadfing sold out to criminals' murderers and thieves. Greg Kading Clearly Claims in His Murder Rap Movie the Innocents of men that he never investigated. He Claims Dr Dre just wanted to do Music. Greg Kading is a Liar. Hollywood wrote numerous articles attempting to help the Killers of Tupac and biggie by Closing the cases. Ch 13 Vegas ask LMVPF when were they going to Close the cases Fox 11 Los Angeles wrote articles asking the LAPD to close the cases/ When Ivan law contacted LAPD regarding the Tupac and biggie cases, they did say the cases were not even being investigated anymore. The Tupac and Biggie cases were cold cases. LAPD LMVPD had given up hope of solving the cases/ all they had from the previous investigator Greg Kading was Lies about him knowing who Killed Tupac and Biggie. retired Detective Greg Kading claimed that two dead men killed Tupac and Biggie. case closed.

Greg Kading Murder Rap is the biggest cover-up story in the History of law enforcement. Murder rap is a hoax a Joke and a lie. a man confesses to playing a part in killing Tupac and Biggie but is never arrested for his claims.


The Suspect claims that his nephew shot Tupac in retaliation for a fight that knight.

However, LAPD and LMVPD believe Greg Kading's story to be a Hoax, a Lie, and a cover-up story, They have now with the help of Ivan law reopened the cases and are Moving swiftly to arrest Dr. Dre and ice cube. No law enforcement agency will ever declare a dead man killed a dead man. A Dead man cannot be charged with a crime.

The only way to close a murder case is with a living suspect, someone who can give an account of their deeds. Ice Cube and Dr. Dre are the primary Suspects in the murders of Tupac and biggie. By identifying the right suspects Ivan's law has solved the Tupac and Biggie cases. His name was added to the Biggie homicide file.

Murder Rap the Movie and the book a Hollywood Hoax. Greg Kading has self-proclaimed to have solved the Tupac and Biggie cases. he made his own Movie and wrote his own book. without valid evidence to prove his claim. There have been numerous articles written by skeptics of Greg Kading who view his claims as a Hoax and a lie.

Ivan's laws theory is widely published yet there are no articles written to debunk Ivan's laws theory. however, they might try to get you to dismiss it but it's here.

Ivan Law has a book on Amazon the Holy Hood Cover up, Ivan Law has a Movie he is hoping to release if Hollywood Blackball from ch 5 doesn't hold him back.

Ivan Law has done numerous podcasts on the Tupac and Biggie cases. Ivan Laws released a commercial on spectrum 1 LA telling all of Los Angeles the Tupac and Biggie cases are solved.

If anyone wants to dispute Ivan laws claims the press may contact LAPD to verify Ivan laws claims that the Tupac and biggie cases are solved.

The Greg Kading Murder rap is a Hoax, a lie and a cover-up story. Greg Kading is not responsible for solving the Tupac and Biggie cases

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Ivan Law is a pastor and a musician based in the United States. He currently works at one of the oldest churches in Los Angeles – Travelers Rest Missionary Baptist Church. Law is best known for his book The Holly hood Cover Up, which explores his ideas on the murders and controversies circling the popular 90’s artists such as Tupac, and Bigge. Apart from that, Law also runs a blog where he shares his journey of becoming God’s pupil and how his contributions to the hip-hop music industry. He was formerly served as Pastor at Travelers Rest Missionary Baptist Church.

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