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Too Hot Music Contest Is the best way to get heard! This contest is designed to give up and coming talent the chance to establish themselves the right As a musician I spent many years trying to get heard. I worked night and day trying to get my music to the right ears. I would get letters back telling me that I have Radio quality music. Then the next line are so they wanted $1000.00 to get me heard. Now I am a 55 year old artists , I wish I would have had the $1000.00 to pay. My music went on to change the way music is made forever. Everyone is making beats now. Don't ever miss a chance to get heard. Finally I got heard over at Macola records, and the rest is history. I am Ivan Law creator of the West coast sound. Monster Beats PD is A fully Monetized Artist Website. Our streams are come directly from soundcloud all Monster Beats Artist have been made premium members of soundcloud. All downloads are counted by soundscan. You can add up to ten links from other digital re
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